WordPress Archive Widget: Post Count on the same line.

My WordPress theme rendered the page count for the archive widget in the side bar incorrectly.  The page count was showing up on the next line below the link for each month. This looked really tacky to me and it turned into a bit of a chore to figure out how to fix it. I eventually got it working and now the page count correctly shows on the same line to the right of each month.

My solution was to change the get_archives_link() function located in wp-includes/general-template.php on line 842 as follows:

I changed this

$link_html = “\t<li>$before<a href=’$url’ title=’$title_text’>$text</a>$after</li>\n”;

to this

$link_html = “\t<li>$before<a href=’$url’ title=’$title_text’>$text<span style=’color:#999;’>$after</span></a></li>\n”;