Attempting to Monetize a Personal Blog

For the past month I have been on a cross country road trip living it up with my wife. Our road trip so far has taken us across most of the United States and now we are almost to Maine. We plan on living on the road for another couple of months or so. It really has been a wicked awesome good time. We have both spent a lot of time creating a blog of our experience (you can find it here Road Trip Blog). I decided that it might be worth it to try to monetize the blog to see what happens. The blog is a little more personal in nature and so far pretty much only family and friends have visited it, but I see potential that it might be something interesting to a broader audience. In an effort to help make it appeal to more than just family and friends we are adding a few categories full of more general posts about road trips including tips, tricks, economics, and ideas that we are learning from our time out on the road. I figure we are already spending the time making the blog, and we don’t mind making it public so why not try and make some money off of it. I am not sure if monetizing a project like this will be very successful or not, and I don’t plan on spending much time promoting it, but I really don’t have much to lose so why not try.

As of yet I have no advertising on the blog but I will try and get this set up before the end of the month. We already have quite a few visits from family and friends and am toying with the idea that possibly monetizing this traffic alone may be enough to fetch a few bucks a month. It will be interesting to see if it works.