First Impressions Of Project Wonderful

I wanted to try out some different types of advertising to see if I could more efficiently monetize one of my sites. I have been aware of Project Wonderful for quite some time and decided to give it a whirl first. I was attracted by the simplicity of the system and the pay per day rather than pay per click model. Also, they offer free advertising which of course I had to try out (I am kinda a sucker for free stuff). In the end however, the free advertising required too much time to make it worth it for me(they only let you bid 0 on a space for a maximum of 2 days making it quite time intensive to keep your ads running).

As for monetization, I started with 2 half banner ads placed at the bottom of However after a couple of weeks with almost no income from the 2 half banners, I switched over to a single full banner (in an effort to create more competition between advertisers). I had Google Adsense ads on there for a few weeks in the exact same spot prior to placing the project wonderful ads so I had something to compare them against. I had high hopes, but after only a few weeks it was quite easy to see that the Project Wonderful ads significantly underperformed the Google Adsense in terms of gross revenue.

Having said all that, I still really like the idea behind Project Wonderful. Maybe after a few months/years as it grows in popularity and attracts more advertisers it will be able to better compete with Google. Also, it is important to note that the site I tried to monetize has a low traffic. I imagine the Project Wonderful ads will most efficiently monetize pages where there is high traffic but low click-through rates. All in all my final verdict of the site is “Not now, but maybe later”.

As a finishing thought, given the low revenue I was receiving from my Project Wonderful ads as a publisher this may indicate an opportunity on the flip side for advertisers looking for cheap advertising (I may have to investigate that further).

If you would like to try project wonderful out for yourself here is my affiliate link. They did do a great job of making service intuitive and straight forward.

10/11 Update

Well, this month was a harsh reality check. Last month I made more income with ads posted for only 2/3rds of the month. In my mind I had the impression that income and traffic to my sites would just naturally improve over time while it appears the exact opposite is true. After being really excited last month thinking that my income would just go up and up this months earning are quite literally a downer. It is turning out it is a bit harder than I thought to monetize my sites. At this point it really does seem quite impossible to achieve $1000/month when I can even maintain $17/month.

I do know some of the things that negatively affected my profitability. In an attempt to test out my monetization options I replaced the Adsense footer ad on asteroids inc with project wonderful ads for a few weeks. This likely cost me quite a bit as the Project Wonderful ads only pulled in a measly $0.14 while a single click from adsense could have produced far more income. Also, for I had been receiving a whole lot of my traffic from a single page ( Last month my game was featured on the front page which generated lots of traffic, but it has now been pushed back to the third page which has dramatically decreased the amount of traffic coming from the referral. On top of all that I did not spend any time further promoting any of my sites.

At the outset of this whole experiment I was hoping to create high quality sites which would naturally attract lots of traffic by virtue of others linking me on their own accord rather than heavy promotion on my part. I am starting to think that success may require revaluation this whole idea. I don’t know if/how I can make anything “higher quality” so I guess my best bet is to focus a bit more on promotion of my sites in the coming months to help keep my traffic up there. Hopefully I can turn things around.

Asteroids Inc.
Visits: 2521
Adsense Income: $11.52
Project Wonderful Income: $0.14

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