Free 2 Column Webpage Template with Sticky Footer

Here is my first installment for my recent “Do more, Write Less” initiative I started for myself. I find myself constantly rewriting the same basic building blocks for my webpages and figure its about time to create a template that I can reuse to save myself time. I will post my code snippits here to not only archive them for my own use but also provided them to my visitors for free to try and help attract more traffic to my blog.

This is a free template for a webpage with a two column layout with a header and footer. This layout is very common and is used widely on the web. The template is just a basic building block for a web page and can be customized to however you see fit. One of the trickier things I find myself having to figure out over and over again is the sticky footer. This has also been included in the template and should work in all browsers. I have also included the basic template for the CSS which should probably be pasted into an external style sheet for bigger sites.  This template is free to use in any way you like and can be used for personal, commercial, or any other type of project.  Let me know if you find anything that does not work. Right click on the link below to download the free template (You may have to view source and then copy/past the HTML into a new file if your browser will not download the HTML file).

Free Website Template 2 Columns with Sticky Footer