My first viral spike

I came home from a vacation and decided to check my google analytics account to see what kind of traffic I was getting to my sites. I was very surprised (and excited) to find that my visit count for the day was incredibly high for my site. I had been getting 20-50 visitors a day and then boom there were hundreds of visits recorded for the day. I remember at one point checking the the number of active visitors on my site and seeing that there was currently 30 and thinking that there was some kind of problem with the code. But after a while and some double checking it looked legit, my site was actually receiving some significant traffic.

Of course in the moment I thought I had made it, that the site was talking off and soon I would be rolling in money with all the advertising profit I would make. Then reality set in and I started trying to figure out where all the traffic was coming from. It didn’t take long for me to figure out it was pretty much all from google plus. And it didn’t take long for the traffic to subside either. A day or two later the traffic peaked at 2282 visitors then declined as abruptly as it started.

Now I know that 2000 visits in a day is not really much to brag about as there are plenty of sites that regularly see much more traffic. But to me this was very exciting and a huge success. Unfortunately I don’t really know how to make it happen again. After traffic subsided I was quick to add social media buttons to my site hoping for a repeat, however to no avail nothing big came of it (unless you count $7.51 in adsense profit significant). While it is true that my daily visit count went up slightly to around 30-80 visitors in the weeks after the spike, nothing really significant came from it.

I guess that social media really can drive some significant traffic, however a lot of it seems like it is out of your hands. All you can do is create the best content possible and then just hope the web community deems your site worthy of sharing with their friends.