Pinterest Board to Promote a Site Experiment

It kinda seems to me that Pinterest is the new up and coming social media site. It offers a really convenient way to keep track of and share images. You are also able to share and keep track of links to websites which is what I am interested. Currently the main demographic that is using the site seems to be primarily females in their 20-30’s . In a way it almost seems like a reddit but for girls. However, having said all that I am predicting that the site will eventually expand and all the guys will start joining as well.

What got me started on pinterest is I noticed that the search engine results for a keyword I am targeting for my html5 game site had a pinterest board ranked well ahead of my site in the results. So, natural I created my own board to try and help promote my site. Check it out here . If you do a search for pinterest to promote your site or something like that you will find all sorts of blogs and experts telling you how important it is, but I am still not convinced it will really do all that much good. But, since it was a pretty small time investment I figured to try it out anyways. If by any chance I notice any significant benefit I will either update this post or create another one.