A small victory

After more than a year of dinking around I have finally caught a gimps of success (a small glimps that is). But hey, you gotta celebrate your small victories. My diablo 3 calculator project really has taken off and is starting to generate some significant traffic and I am actually making a little income. Up to this point my estimated income per hour has been down there at around 10 to 20 cents, but now it is showing all the way up there at 60 cents an hour. Yeah, with an income like that I wont be quitting my other jobs anytime soon, but who cares, this whole experiment just may work(just might take me another decade to up my income up to $10/hour). I think the idea of “passive” online income may be a myth. This is all taking and incredible amount of time and effort.

Google Chart Tools

So, I have been using the Highcharts JavaScript API to draw the income charts on this site. I spent a lot of time figuring them out and I really really liked how the high-charts looked on my site. However, the free version just did not offer very good ways to display really dense data sets. My experiment has been going on long enough that the charts were getting unreadable and cluttered and so I went searching for free alternative charting API that had scroll bars and could better handle dense data. I found out about Google Chart Tools and really liked them. They are the charts you can currently find on my site are the ones documented here. It did take me several hours to figure everything out but all in all I highly recommend them if you are looking for a free charting API and need to display dense data.