And a few months later…

Well, I have not really worked on any of my online project for a few months as my day job (the one that pays better than $1/hour) has been really busy theses past few months. I have not had much time and not really done much in the way of progressing towards my goal. However there are a few noteworthy items to mention. I did spend some time back in Aug. working on the next revision of my Diablo 3 site. So far this site has by far brought in the most income and I think updating it and making it better should be the top priority. As of then my updated version of the site has been sandboxed and is only about half way done. I am trying to figure out how to put the next revision (and final revision) it on google app engine, so that is greatly increasing the time it is taking as I have had to learn how to program in python and learn all sorts of new stuff to get it working.

My income/month has greatly diminished over the past few months and It is mostly because of the diablo 3 site project receiving half as much traffic as it was previously. I think this has a lot to do with the game loosing a lot of its player base (it turns out it was not all that popular of a game for very long). Also, the calculator suffers from inaccuracy issues which might also be causing some of my visitors to not return. While I can not do anything about the game players loosing interest in the game, I can address the accuracy issues in the next version which will hopefully help retain some of my traffic. I would imagine that in the future updates of Diablo 3 game itself (i.e. the inclusion of PVP play) I will see spikes in my traffic which hopefully result in spikes of income.

Income from HTML5 Game portal has slowly been increasing and that gives me a lot of hope that the site will eventually become a good source of revenue. However I am realizing now that fundamentally it requires too much effort to maintain and keep updated. As of now I have to manually review and update each additional game I put on the site and this can be quite time consuming.

I am still hopeful and optimistic about this whole experiment. I have put in a lot of time and effort and I am finally starting to see some results (small). It feels pretty good to know I have not really done anything for the past few months and have still been receiving a few checks in the mail. It feels like “passive” income, even though I know it is an illusion as I have already work for the money. I guess in 10 yrs if the sites are still making money and I have paid myself back for all the time I have spent then I can finally consider it to be truly “passive.”