Combining JSON objects from the google datastore problems

So, here is the story: I have two different JSON objects stored as strings in the google app engine datastore. I have been trying to fetch both of the two JSON object in a single ajax call in an attempt to reduce the number of request made to the server which hopefully will make my application more efficient/quick. However It took me a great deal of time to figure out exactly how to merge / combine the two different JSON objects into a single object server side for ajax transfer over to the client. I kept on getting JSON validation errors even though the code looked perfectly good to me. Even worse the online JSON validators would tell me that there was an unexpected character, but they would either not tell me where it was, or the location they specified was perfectly valid JSON. So, eventually I figured out my problem (at least one of them); I was encoding (unwittingly) the objects in the datastore as UTF-8 with the “byte order mark” which was causing validation errors when I tried to merge the two object. Once I encoded the files that were creating my datastore object without the byte order mark, they successfully merged into a unified JSON object that I was able to pass via ajax and successfully parse.

In case anyone is wondering (or I have to figure out how to do it again), here is the way I combined the two python JSON objects server-side:

combinedObject = { 'obj1' : dataObj1, 'obj2' : dataObj2 }

However, for some reason (as of yet I do not fully understand) I have to call the JSON.parse on both the parent object and then child objects in order to get the objects correctly parsed into javascript.

EDIT: Another note regarding unexpected character errors when trying to parse JSON: I was pasting in formatted and what I thought was validated data from one of the many online tools, however I think I was also inadvertently pasting in hidden characters which was causing all sorts of confusion and problems. Another thing you might want to check this if you are having parsing errors.