Transit – CSS transformations plug-in for jQuery

I came across a little jquery plug-in that I found quite nifty and thought it deserved a shout out. The plug-in is called Transit and can be found here: The plug-in not only makes css transformations a breeze the end animations produced are incredibly smooth. It is very simple and straightforward to use. Anybody already familiar with jquery .animate() will be able to pick it up with little or no effort. As of version 0.9.12 the minified file is only about 8kb. I built a little game using the plug-in (game to be released publicly in a post to come) and was very pleased with the outcome. I really couldn’t be more happy with the the whole thing with the and figured I would little post it here so A: I can remember it personally and also B: give the project a bit of love so hopefully development will continue.