PHP unexplainable errors on line 1

Just throwing this out there for anyone who might be experiencing some crazy PHP errors that don’t make any sense. I have been away from PHP for a while but started working on little project that requires a php back-end. But, right from the get-go I was getting some really simple errors that I knew could not be the issue (such as “unexpected end of file” or simple syntax errors for unexpected strings etc.) At first I thought it might be that I was just a little rusty on the php syntax, but could not figure out what was going on and could not get anything to work. The files I was working with were extremely small and it was obvious the syntax was correct, but the weird errors were persisting. Thing was they were were all occurring at line 1, which was puzzling at the time, but I didn’t give it much thought (which should have been a huge red flag to me). So, it turns out my editor of choice (Notepad++) was only inserting a CR (carriage return) and not the full CRLF (carriage return line feed) not quite sure why this behavior was happening (or why PHP engine could not figue it out), but as soon as I replaced the CRs with CRLFs everything started working as expected. I did not investigate this all the way, but I am assuming this probably has something to do with how my host has PHP configured or something simple like that, but for the uninitiated this can really perplexing (and incredibly frustrating). So, the take away here is if you are having some unexplainable PHP errors that are all occurring on line one, maybe check out what you are using for your EOL (end of line) characters and see if that is the issue.