About Me

I don’t want a job, well at least not in the traditional sense. I have been working as a contractor for several years preforming various functions in the real estate industry. While this type of work has offered me tremendous amount of freedom and flexibility with my schedule, my heart is not in it. I have always been fascinated by the web (particularly games), especially in the possibilities to generate income. I have read other blogs of people who have (or at least claim to have) achieved decent incomes through online ventures. So, I wonder why not me? I feel like I quite possible have many of the ingredients necessary to be successful at creating passive income online so why not try and see what happens.


When it comes the the online realm I know a little about a lot, and not a whole lot about anything in particular. I have been hacking and tinkering away various online projects for about a decade now. None of these projects have worked on ever really amounted to much (at least in the financial sense). However through all of these personal project I have accumulated what I feel to be a substantial amount of “useful” info/skills/experience which specifically relate to the domain online entrepreneurship. I am hoping to leverage this broad range of skills as was as develop new skills that will help accomplish my goals.


I am self taught. I did take a handful classes in high-school/college that were relevant and have undoubtedly helped along the way, but I feel overall the grand majority of my learning has been through less formal methods. When I have something I need/want to accomplish I usually go about it through a mixture of experimentation as well searching google for blogs/forums posts to give me direction. Due to this informal training I find it likely that many of my “technical” posts on this blog may seem naive to some. At the same time however I assume there are many others out there like me and who might have the same questions that I did and will hopefully find these posts useful.