Infobrink: Starting Out

I am not not necessarily starting from scratch on this one.  I have had the domain for several years now. Years ago I tried creating a online directory with the domain that promoted reciprocal linking, but abandoned the project long ago as unprofitable.  I continued to renew the domain over the years hoping that someday I might find a use for it.  Despite years of neglect the domain had still had a google page rank of 2 as well as lots of back-links.  Hopefully the extra links/pagerank will give the site a jump-start.

I decided to use wordpress for the blog, but I have only limited experience with it and have already I have run into a few hicups trying to customize the software and getting it to do what I want. I have never really blogged before either so that is new ground for me as well.

In the past I have tried to monetize various websites I created(including the old infobrink directory). However I never really realized and significant income through my efforts much less anything that was sustainable. In short, I have no experience with “successfully” monetizing a website.  I have read many blogs on bloggers monetizing their blogs so I assume it is very possible.  I plan on giving the blog a few weeks/months to see if it generates any significant traffic before spending the time effort to monitize the blog.

I started a few days ago on 5/27 and so far I have spent around 10 hours getting the site up and running and customizing the look.