Diablo 3 Values Calculator

With the release of Diablo 3 I came up with the idea to build a calculator which would be able to automatically determine the values of items found in the game world. To see it in action visit Diablo 3 Item Value Calculator. I threw something together not being too concerned about accurate values and posted it and mentioned it on reddit. and I really had an amazing response. Lucky I had some adds on there as was able to make a few bucks. I spent a little more time and built an updated and more robust calculator and posted it and got even more visits. Turns out this by far has been my most successful project to date. Due to its popularity I intend to continue to develop it and try to make it into something that can bring in some passive income for the years to come. My one fear is that the number of diablo3 players interested in the game will diminish over the next months and years and so will my traffic. My plan as of writing this is to try and release a really great version of the calculator that will keep people coming back for as long as they play the game. Hopefully the game will remain popular enough and have a player-base for at least a few years to help make the time and effort worth it.