is a game portal site that features only games made using HTML5. After creating my first game I realized that there really were not that many portal sites out there to promote HTML5 and so I figured I would make one to help fill the niche. Not only do I hope to monetize the site, but I also hope to promote my own games on it. This is my first database driven website and so it took me a while longer to figure it out, but I think the extra effort will be a time saver in the end. I created custom ranking system were users are able to rate games they like. This also took a lot of time, but hopefully this is a feature that users like. All in all I hope that the site is useful to visitors and will in turn drive traffic and possibly be a profitable addition to my collection of sites. The site is a work in progress as I plan on adding several other features as well continuing to constantly add more and more games.

Notable Posts:

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9/11 Update