My Goal


This blog is an experiment in online entrepreneurship.  I am starting from scratch and want to see if I can build up any sort of passive income using solely online sources.  I have set a short term goal reaching $1000/month in income.  If I can make it there I would feel comfortable to quitting my other jobs and devoting all my time to this endeavor. My long term goal is to reach $5000/month. I truly wonder if this is possible.  I intend to update the graph in the upper right hand corner on a monthly basis to track my progress.  Also, I will break down the income derived from each individual project I am working on to get a better grasp of where the income is produced.

As for now, I have decided not to put a timeline on any of this.  I know that this quite possibly defies the recommendation of every self help book out, however my current job can be quite sporadic in terms of time requirements and I never know exactly how much time I will have left over to work on this project.  On top of that, I really have no idea on how long something like this should realistically take anyways.

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