PR from 2 to 0 (box grayed out)

So, I used my old domain names ( for this blog in hopes that the then existing PR (2) and back-links would help jump-start my blog and put me on the fast track for monetization.  However I am beginning to wonder it that was the best move as google has taken away my PR.  Looks like I should have just used a new domain name.  Seems like google is able to detect when a new site is put up over an old one and voids out all the current rankings (which is quite understandable).

The google toolbar (Which used to say 2) now only shows a 0 Page Rank (grayed out “current page is not ranked by google”). Bummer!!! I am not quite sure what this means, or when it started.  I did switch the preferred domain to the non www version in the google webmaster tools which may have something to do with it…

Guess I will just wait and see what happens during the next PR update.

WordPress Archive Widget: Post Count on the same line.

My WordPress theme rendered the page count for the archive widget in the side bar incorrectly.  The page count was showing up on the next line below the link for each month. This looked really tacky to me and it turned into a bit of a chore to figure out how to fix it. I eventually got it working and now the page count correctly shows on the same line to the right of each month.

My solution was to change the get_archives_link() function located in wp-includes/general-template.php on line 842 as follows:

I changed this

$link_html = “\t<li>$before<a href=’$url’ title=’$title_text’>$text</a>$after</li>\n”;

to this

$link_html = “\t<li>$before<a href=’$url’ title=’$title_text’>$text<span style=’color:#999;’>$after</span></a></li>\n”;

9/11 Update

I am ecstatic. This month I finally made some money (Hurray!!!!). All my efforts have not been in vain (well sorta). I have had some luck with monetizing my projects, but overall so far my returns are not very high at all and can in no way justify all the effort and time I have put into these projects. So far for the amount of time I have put into all this my overall income is in the neighborhood of $0.10/hour (yeah…not that impressive). But nonetheless it is a start, and I am happy with that. Hopefully with a little more promotion and continually adding additional online services/sites/apps I can up the income to a more realistic level.

My Results for last month are as follows
So far my only method of monetization has been Google Adsense

Asteroids Inc
Visits: 3446
Adsense Income: $15.6

Infobrink Blog
Adsense Income: $1.25

Moving forward I think these will be the next things I will try to accomplish this coming month.
-Find an additional source of monetization for both sites
-Create a HTML5 game portal
-Continue promoting Asteroids Inc

8/11 Update

Well, unfortunately as of the beginning of August I have yet to make a single cent in my little experiment. All of this is taking a whole lot longer than I originally expected. Good news is, my game is finally done and I should start seeing some revenue from that in the next month. I am hoping it is as simple as doing a bit of promotion, and then getting some ads up. As for my blog (this blog) it really isn’t doing so hot. Only gets a handful of visitors a day and so far has only had a single comment. The most visited post so far has the free animated explosion .gif post, which is a little disappointing because its not really that relevant to the overall theme of the blog. I guess I might need to look into to promoting the blog a little to see if I can get some traffic here as well. I will keep you updated

7/11 Update

Well It has been one month now since I started this blog experiment and I really don’t have much to show for my efforts yet. This blog ( is as of yet the only source of income I am tracking and I made $0.00 last month (however I did end up attracting a zillion spam bots). This comes as no surprise to me as I have not yet placed any advertizing on the site (I am waiting for it to get a reasonable amount of traffic before I mess with that).

I have been spending a lot of time on my first HTML5 game I want to release and try to monetize. I am a little disappointed that this is taking me so long to finish it, but it is almost done. I think in my original concept for the game was too complicated/ambitious and was going to take me way to long to finish, so I ended up deciding to “simplify” the game so that it was easier/faster to write the code. I think this was a good move and I need to be more careful in the future and take into consideration how long it will take me to code a game when I am in the design phase.

All in all I would guess so far I have spent around 250 hours programing the game (I started the game long before I started this blog). I know a veteran programer could likely do the same thing in a fraction of the time, but hey…It was my first game and I had lots to learn. I just hope that all this time I have invested will actually convert into some extra cash…I guess we will see.

Strange Indexing by Google

I know that it usually takes weeks/months to build traffic to a site but I put the blog on a old domain that still had a pagerank of 2. I am hoping by doing this it might help my rankings faster. The blog has been up for a little over a week now I figured that it is possible it might have seen some visits. Checking this was a simple matter as I had installed Google analytics the day I put up the blog to help track traffic (which I highly recommend to anyone). To my disappointment it doesn’t look like any real traffic besides me has been visiting the site (There were a handful of direct referrals from sites who linked to my old site, but I don’t consider these significant as the visitors were probably looking for something else).


So, if I have not yet received any traffic the site has probably not been re-indexed. To check this I did a quick search for “infobrink” on Google and I noticed something very strange. The first search engine result was the old version of my homepage (which was expected if the site had not yet been re-indexed), but right below it was one of my newer blog sub-pages that I had recently created. To me this seems awfully strange cause the only way Google could know about that sub page would be via crawling my homepage (I am fairly confident nobody has linked to my new subpages yet). If google was crawling my homepage and updated the index with my subpages why not update the index with the new homepage also? Hum..very strange…

Infobrink: Starting Out

I am not not necessarily starting from scratch on this one.  I have had the domain for several years now. Years ago I tried creating a online directory with the domain that promoted reciprocal linking, but abandoned the project long ago as unprofitable.  I continued to renew the domain over the years hoping that someday I might find a use for it.  Despite years of neglect the domain had still had a google page rank of 2 as well as lots of back-links.  Hopefully the extra links/pagerank will give the site a jump-start.

I decided to use wordpress for the blog, but I have only limited experience with it and have already I have run into a few hicups trying to customize the software and getting it to do what I want. I have never really blogged before either so that is new ground for me as well.

In the past I have tried to monetize various websites I created(including the old infobrink directory). However I never really realized and significant income through my efforts much less anything that was sustainable. In short, I have no experience with “successfully” monetizing a website.  I have read many blogs on bloggers monetizing their blogs so I assume it is very possible.  I plan on giving the blog a few weeks/months to see if it generates any significant traffic before spending the time effort to monitize the blog.

I started a few days ago on 5/27 and so far I have spent around 10 hours getting the site up and running and customizing the look.


WordPress Page IDs

Using the wordpress “page” widget for the side bar works wonderfully for displaying a list of static pages on your blog.  However by default it displays all of your pages and you may not want this. Luckily the widget comes with the ability to excluded pages.  Less lucky is that in order to exclude the pages you need to know the “page ID”.  As far as I can tell the “page ID” is not displayed anywhere and requires a bit of digging to find.   After logging into the admin dashboard area select the “pages” link.  From there you will be given a list of all the current pages you have created.  An easy way to find the “page ID” is to mouse over (hover not click) the page in question.  If you look at your browser status bar you will notice a link in which you will see “post=” some number.  This post number is the page ID.

For example – If your status bar displayed this:


Your page ID would be 57