AsteroidsInc is ready to go

Well at long last I think I am finally ready to release my first game. Check it out at

 The game was programed entirely in JavaScript using the HTML5 canvas and audio objects. It should require no plugins to play (looks like safari may require quicktime). This was pretty much the first game I have ever programed and I learned a lot and did lots of stuff wrong the first time around (and most likely still have a lot of stuff not quite right). If I write another one it should go a lot smoother. If you play it and have any feedback or find any bugs please let me know.

 At the outset I had even grander designs for the game, but I decided to try and simplify the design so that I could get the game to a releasable state sooner. As it was this beast took me several months of my free time to complete. I estimate it has probably taken me around 200 hours total from start to finish (next time I will try and keep better track of the time).

 So if you refer to my post here on how I plan on accomplishing my goal this marks the completion of step one and two (at least for my first project). I hopefully have created something useful which will attract Visitors & Links.

 Now I plan on trying to figure out the most efficient way to monetize the game and start generating some passive income from it. I am aware that it will likely be a challenge and may not be a simple task to do, but I am determined to see this through. I will keep the graph on the upper right hand corner of the blog updated to track my progress.

8/11 Update

Well, unfortunately as of the beginning of August I have yet to make a single cent in my little experiment. All of this is taking a whole lot longer than I originally expected. Good news is, my game is finally done and I should start seeing some revenue from that in the next month. I am hoping it is as simple as doing a bit of promotion, and then getting some ads up. As for my blog (this blog) it really isn’t doing so hot. Only gets a handful of visitors a day and so far has only had a single comment. The most visited post so far has the free animated explosion .gif post, which is a little disappointing because its not really that relevant to the overall theme of the blog. I guess I might need to look into to promoting the blog a little to see if I can get some traffic here as well. I will keep you updated

7/11 Update

Well It has been one month now since I started this blog experiment and I really don’t have much to show for my efforts yet. This blog ( is as of yet the only source of income I am tracking and I made $0.00 last month (however I did end up attracting a zillion spam bots). This comes as no surprise to me as I have not yet placed any advertizing on the site (I am waiting for it to get a reasonable amount of traffic before I mess with that).

I have been spending a lot of time on my first HTML5 game I want to release and try to monetize. I am a little disappointed that this is taking me so long to finish it, but it is almost done. I think in my original concept for the game was too complicated/ambitious and was going to take me way to long to finish, so I ended up deciding to “simplify” the game so that it was easier/faster to write the code. I think this was a good move and I need to be more careful in the future and take into consideration how long it will take me to code a game when I am in the design phase.

All in all I would guess so far I have spent around 250 hours programing the game (I started the game long before I started this blog). I know a veteran programer could likely do the same thing in a fraction of the time, but hey…It was my first game and I had lots to learn. I just hope that all this time I have invested will actually convert into some extra cash…I guess we will see.

How I Plan on Accomplishing My Goal

So, how exactly do I plan on accomplishing my goal of $1000/month in passive online income? That is an excellent question. In truth I am not exactly sure…I have only vague ideas and lots of ambition. I find it likely as time goes on my methods will evolve as I figure out what works and what doesn’t, but here is my current game plan. I plan on more or less following what I perceive the Google business model to be. Please forgive me if I am incorrect, but it seems like Google more or less operates by:

1. Creating awesome online services and apps.
2. Providing the services to the public for free.
3. Monetizing those services through advertising.

It appears to be working quite well for google (as well as countless other internet companies)…so why not me? It seems to me that internet culture more or less expects everything on the web to be free and most would prefer to view advertizements rather than pay for something (I know I would), so no wonder it works so well.

So first off I need to create something online that is useful and will attract visitors. I think the real trick here is to create something that is genuinely “useful” and not just “something”. Blogs are a way that many accomplish this (this blog is an attempt at exactly that). However I am quite passionate about games and want to try my hand at that as well. I am currently in the middle of developing a online HTML5 game. Hopefully the final product will be a game that is fun, appealing and will attract visitors.

Secondly I will provide the services I create for free (that’s pretty easy to do).

Lastly I will need to monetize the services/games/blogs. I still have a lot to learn in this area and I am guessing it might be a bit tricky to maximize the revenue of a site. I know there are countless services and techniques for this and plan on further investigating my options after I actually create something online that attracts a reasonable amount of traffic.

My thinking is that over time I can keep creating more and more online services/games/blogs until I make it to $1000/month. Sounds pretty simple right…guess I will find out.